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"Weight of Spring" ~ Platinum/Palladium Print

Having announced the completion of the book on palladium printing, I need not say much of that, beyond the fact that is deeply awesome. The prints I had been posting over the past weeks will be used as examples of tonal range and print color possibilities in the book. Those two portfolios, the palladium prints from the Cochise Stronghold portfolio, and the platinum/palladium (Na2) Mesilla portfolio were both printed in editions of (3), respectively. The prints I will be posting from now on will all the one of a kind; 1/1. The difference between a one of a kind print as 1/1, and a unique print, as I do with all my gum prints, is that a unique print means just that. No artist's proof, nor copies of any kind. A one of a kind print marked 1/1 means there will only be that one print for sale, with one artist's proof; marked A/P on that print. The distinction is important as all my prints have a certificate of authenticity, and recorded as such.

This image was taken around 1984-85, give or take, in Eugene, Oregon. Actually in my back yard, which had a wonderful array of flora that was stellar as additions and backgrounds for the many portraits I was able to capture in that area. Eugene is in the middle of the Willamette Valley, which is a rain forest, hence lots and lots of greenery. The old fence in the back corner of a rather large lot had begun to sag from years of weather, and ample rains. I was working with capturing textures back then, and found the decaying wood of the fence, along with the tree pollen seen all over the ground as white spots. Eugene is also the pollen capital of the country.

This image was printed from a digital negative, enlarged from a roll film negative. I added an adjustment <curve> plus a green tone to the negative image. This negative was made for printing in the sun, hence the added color density. Being the negative was made and awaiting printing I went ahead and used it. There is but the one print to make before moving on. The print was developed in potassium oxalate at 75 degs, much cooler than the prints developed at 95 degs.

Platinum/Palladium Print

"Weight of Spring" ~ 8x10 1/1

Eugene, Oregon


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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