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Book Update

The final passes over the material, double checking spelling runs and triple checking that the images to be inserted are all listed and numbered correctly. I have an old college friend and artist, now retired as a graphic artist, who has graciously offered to lay out the interior material of the book using Adobe In Design, which for independent authors is professional layout software. That makes the book far superior, visually. The different being important. I have always designed the book covers for this photo series. I just can't do what he does.

Truth be told, I have another old friend who also is a photographer artist, retired graphic artist, who used to do all the visuals and materials when I had my gallery of black and white photographers, the same time I was making hand coated prints. That gentleman designed three of my other books, two memoirs and my mother's historical memoirs. I am definitely blessed with two such friends with such talents.

I am of course unable to post an image of the new book until I see it myself. I fear that won't be for perhaps a week. I will post it as soon as it arrives. I confess I am a bit nervous, being a control freak and all. Like I said, I've always designed the covers, not knowing what to expect is tense work. Stay tunes.

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