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"Cougar Overlook" ~ Palladium Print

This image has taken the long circuitous route to finally becoming an 8x10 print. It is one of the few prints I make today that have been printed before, with an existing print in circulation. This is one of those. The original photograph was taken somewhere between 1984-85 with my Burke & James 5x7 camera, and was printed at that time as a 5x7 salted paper print, which exists today. The problem with that image is that it was the one time I hadn't allowed the coated paper to fully dry down, and unknowingly printed it that way, leaving dozens, of tiny flecks of silver solution that had stuck to the negative, now turned into metallic silver, and that makes printing with that negative again impossible. I have the one existing 5x7 print of that and don't intend on destroying it, so this image becomes a very short edition, from this print of it. This image will be a edition of three.

The provenance of the negative being a Kodak Super XX negative, developed in a reformulated "Windish Pyro" formula, this one using sodium hydroxide, for acutance, which is unsurpassed with that developer. The negative was developed with a standard pyro/OH mixture, for 18 minutes; normal development would be 10-12 minutes. That returned a density range of Log 1.8, give or take a smidgeon. It was means to print in full sun, which was my printer at the time. I didn't want to alter the tonal relationship of the image when converting it to a digital image for printing. The original negative was copied in a flatbed scanner that scans negatives or positives, up to 5"x7". They don't make them anymore, mostly because the profit margin for a "film scanner" is four times or more of that one.

Palladium Print

"Cougar Overlook" ~ 8x10

Cougar Reservoir, Oregon

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