• Grant Handgis

"Alchemist's Guide;" Book Cover

The Cover for the newest book in the "Alchemist's Guide" series. Although the cover is pretty similar to the first three books, this cover was not designed by me. I suppose I should say laid out, as there are only so many ways a cover design can be laid out in the first place and with an even narrower arrangement possibility for it to be included and recognized as part of that series. The design follows the earlier books, yet the font and type setting have been updated and probably reduced in size a bit for design balance reasons. It was done for me as asked and I'm happy with the results.

The interior is being laid out with professional software at this writing, with several palladium and Na2 images printed as examples. This book will have coated paper stock for the interior for good print quality of the images, as well as the drawings and charts respectively. I am of course quite thrilled bo have the book in near finished form. One more book on Gum printing and the series is finished. Stay tuned.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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