• Grant Handgis

"Mission Spirit" ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

The first print was an untoned Kallitype using a digital negative with a short <curve> added. I didn't like the tonal arrangement of the first image so I've increased that <curve> range about 10% or so and reprinted the negative. I am much more pleased with the second version. The increased densities are to be seen in the middle tones, which opened up from the last print image.

I have increased the solution amount for both the silver and ferric oxalate, from 2ml/each to 2.25ml/ea. I may even increase it a bit more to 2.5ml/ea as that increases the depth and richness of the image, deepening the black especially, to reach dMax black. The print time from the first to the second print image was 2 minutes. Same developer; sodium acetate @ 75 degs F.

Gold Toned Kallitype

"Mission Spirit" ~ 11x14 Unique

Tumacacori, Arizona

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g. Michael Handgis Photography


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