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"Tumacacori Mission Spirit" ~ Kallitype

The 16x20 developing and clearing trays arrived the other day, giving me the chance to begin scaling up a bit, making 11x14 prints, for now. I am beginning with the Kallitype print, mostly being that silver is a tenth the cost of palladium these days, which has doubled in price over the past year. The logical place to begin for me is the Kallitype print, being it is basically the palladium process using silver.

I will begin this process with vertical images, and that is because the 16x20 hardwood frames I bought come with a nice rag mat with window cut to 11x14, ready for prints. I also have a portfolio worth of images that will fit that format nicely, and would be pretty impressive at that size. The underlying reason is also because the images mentioned were digital images, which come out at 8x12 format have been printed already in an edition of (5), so I will be making print #3 of those series, respectively. Once those images are printed all other images not already printed will be made as unique prints. No copies, no artist's proof(s).

This image is one I worked on ten years ago, digitally, back in the day I had a copy of Photoshop 5 CSA, or whatever it was called at the time. I now use Paintshop Pro X9, which is basically Photoshop for digital photography. It is also costs under $75, so there's that. This was my first attempt at using a new layer over the base image to include an image of a Native American in a Kokopelli dance costume. The idea was to have a "ghost image" lain on the wall to the opening of the room. As memory serves I had that overlain image at 20% opacity. Now, I'm not sure it was the right choice. It sort of works, yet, sort of a bit faded. I may adjust the middle tones of the digital image before printing again. A final print will be gold tones, which will enrich the blacks considerably.

Untoned Kallitype Print

"Tumacacori Mission Spirit" ~ 11x14

Tumacacori, Arizona


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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