• Grant Handgis

"Slot Canyon #2" ~ Gold toned Kallitype

Having finally completing the last gum over palladium print I have begun printing the Slot Canyon abstract images again. This series will all be printed to 11"x14" and gold toned. What I am uncertain with at this time is if I will use the original images I have in the queue, or rethink the image itself, perhaps I will crop differently, focus on something other than what I had intended when photographed.

Abstract images to begin with have their own needs and problems within their very design, above and beyond personal proclivities for shapes and designs. A good design will pull the viewer's focus through the image, with the shapes and lines, as well as the textures and tonalities. That's the theory anyway. Having never worked with abstracts, although I have captured what I thought at the time was a good abstract image, just never printed them. Abstracts are much like the nude. There is a very fine line between an artful nude and a photograph of a naked body. It's been done many times.

The print was made on Hahnemuhle paper, developed in sodium acetate developer at 80 degrees.

Gold toned Kallitype

"Slot Canyon #2" ~ 11x14

Kanab, Utah


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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