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"Slot Canyon #7" Final Print

The testing has proven valuable once again, with this print demonstrating the best adjustment <curve> for Kallitype prints made in my UV printer; The Solar Printer as I like to refer to it. Reducing the density range of the image was a big factor in the final print, representing the tonalities as I had intended. The second portion of the success was changing the gold toner I was using. That formula was with the 5% gold chloride with citric acid. After toning a number of prints I was not enamored of that toner. I found it actually bleached shadow areas and black, leaving them weak and unsatisfying. A closer, deeper look into the toner bottle revealed a black scale at the bottom of the vessel. I tossed that out and re-mixed gold toner using the 1% gold chloride with thiourea (1%) which is the toner I used for this print.

A quick comparison between the two versions of this image shows a stark difference in the outcome. This version is to my liking and will become a portfolio print. As before, I've been printing on Hahnemuhle paper, which I've come to like a lot. As much as I like Revere Platinum paper. This print as the others, was developed in sodium acetate, then gold toned after the clearing bath.

Gold toned Kallitype ~ 1/2

"Slot Canyon #7" ~ 11x14

Kanab, Utah

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