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"Slot Canyon #4" ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Continuing the Slot Canyon abstract series, is image number 4, not that there is any significance to the number. The images are in the order I first pulled them out of a much larger collection of images from the Kanab shots. I struggled with the selections. A lot. I have always been a traditional shooter/printer. Working with abstract images is way different.

I would much prefer shooting an abstract using a view camera, as what is seen is upside down and backwards, and the brain doesn't see the object itself in the normal sense, or the details within the image area. What is normally seen are the shapes and lines of the image. Lines from tonal variations, focal differences, edges of larger objects or landmarks, etc. What is seen is the design layout, and when the elements of the design layout are places in the view area that fits well, and is balanced. That is weighted in placement dependent upon the (Gestalt) of the overall image.

Having done that hundreds of times I can attest to the efficacy of that system, allowing the balance and weight of elemental parts determine lens placement. Turns out well in the end. Shooting abstracts with a view camera immediately lays out the design of the potential image area, where lines go, where they disappear, how much black, how much whites and where to place the two (Chiaroscuro), where the edges begin/end, and overall placement of the elements in the finished image. Once captured, seeing the images upright ends up showing an image with good perspective. That would be immensely important with an abstract, being an abstract is all about lines, shapes and tonal ranges.

Shooting abstracts is so much like shooting nuges. When shooting nudes there is a very fine line between a photograph of a fine art nude and a naked body. Abstracts, being whatever the artist/photographer says it is, there is that same fine line between a print that inspires or a "what is it?" query from a viewer. I've gotten mixed reviews.

I have shifted to printing on Revere Platinum paper once again. I've been using that paper when making the 8x10 prints, cut from a full sheet. I have been printing in Hahnemuhle Platinum rag paper

as it comes pre-cut to 11"x15" and I have a stock of that paper being I use it for my gum over palladium printing. I have come to learn to coat a sheet of 11"x15" paper right to the edges without losing solution, allowing me to print 11"x14" negatives and use the same size paper. From a full sheet of Revere Platinum paper (22"x30") I can get four 11"x14" printing sheets. Having used several types of paper for printing I have come to prefer the Revere Platinum paper over all. Just my personal preference. This print was developed in sodium acetate and toned in a gold toner; 1% AgCl & 1% Thiourea formula. Very cool tones and rich blacks.

Gold toned Kallitype

"Slot Canyon #4" ~ 11x14

Kanab, Utah

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g. Michael Handgis Photography


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