• Grant Handgis ~ Photographer

"Into the Light" ~ Gold toned Kallitype

The fifth print of the Slot Canyon abstract series. Halfway home. There will be ten prints in the portfolio, with the second and final print in the edition of two prints will be a platinum/palladium (Na2) print. The first print of the two print series was printed in Silver (Kallitype) and toned in gold as that combination, can be made to mimic platinum. The first prints of this series will all be gold toned Kallitypes, for two reasons. The first is printing them in silver is seriously cheaper than printing them even in palladium, which creates the second part in the price on the corresponding print, which would be much lower, thereby, theoretically, induce buyers to purchase the prints at some point.

As theories goes it was a good one thirty-five years ago when I had a gallery and selling prints. Times have changed, as has technology and crowd expectations. Much different bull to ride these days. The positive side for me is I was starting out thirty five years ago, I'm retired today. I have plenty of time and the money to cover the expenses that were prohibitive for me back then. Those years have also garnered the heuristic value of my being the age I simply don't care what the outside world thinks of my prints. You get that option when you're old.

These prints for me, are studies in texture and light. How one leads into another. Arriving at the right density range to show the tonal values that are important to me in the image, and the gold toner that makes the cool toned, rich blacks I wanted in the print image. It is the playing off of the blacks and whites that makes the image, with any middle tones adding any depth therein. That's the theory. It's up the viewer to decide if they think it worked. This print was developed in sodium acetate and printed on Revere Platinum paper.

Gold toned Kallitype

"Into the Light" ~ 11x14

Kanab, Utah


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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