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"The Gringo's View" ~ Palladium Print

I had an idea of what this print image would look like, the pre-visualization part of seeing. I had thought of it looking much like the early street shooters, with gobs of zone 2 blacks throughout the print. I came close to that with the first printing, developed in sodium acetate for the true black/white look, then toned it in a good toner (Ag 1% ~ thiourea 1%) the 'all at once' toner, and that was to push the blacks even deeper, the shadows darker, although there is a very small amount of bleaching in the middle tones during toning.

I got what I had set out to do. I just didn't like it when it was done. The more important image information has to do with the people in the shadows, where a vendor shows his wares with the woman, or the boy in the foreground, head resting on his hand while watching the photographer, the gringo. That interpretation just didn't do the setting justice, the middle tones needed to be opened up, the people visible. I'm a fan of test strips when testing. I've never been one to use a step wedge. Long story. A test strip tells me a lot about the how the print will look when finished. After the thousand times one comes to see how the print time/development/toning will affect the final print. Many times one strip will be sufficient, as I test the zone 2 area and the zone 7 area, the rest takes care of itself.

I decreased the print time from 12 minutes to 9 minutes. I also switched from the gold toner to palladium, thereby ending up with a palladium print. The "poor man's palladium". One of many, many thousands throughout the years. I am pleased with the new print of this image, and as it being a palladium print. I'm good with that. As can be seen, the shadow detail has increased a great deal, showing the interchange between the woman and the vendor, as well as the interior of the corridor. Even the textural defects on the door behind the boy become evident. This image, as all those I'll be printing from now on will be unique images. There won't be any copies or artist's proof. Just the single print, and that comes with a certificate of authenticity. But that's just my method.

I've enlarged the image a bit more than usual for better view of the details.

Palladium Print ~ Unique

"The Gringo's View" ~ 11"x14"

Merida, Mexico

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