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"Malecon de Progreso" ~ Palladium Print

The hold up to the printing momentum was held up by the late arrival of fresh ink cartridges, which I paid premium shipping to have them here two day delivery, that took four days. Such is life. The cost of replacement cartridges in the brick and mortar store is now $26.95 each, or $161.70 for this printer with six cartridges. Is it just me, or does that seem.... nuts, to you? I got a box of seven cartridges, comes with two black cartridges, for $27 online. I print negatives, use them once, and done. Don't need the K3 pigment based ink set for what I do.

This image, as some of the others I'm printing up at this time, were shot along the Malecon boardwalk. At the end of the day, when school is out, parents off work, families begin toe gather along the Malecon for an evening stroll, eating from the various food carts, watch the sunset, sometimes play in the surf with the kids or simply hang out to chat with friends. The pace is slow and tempered and the rhythm of things is casual and comforting. Even a gringo with a camera is left to their own. Progreso is a small fishing town, besides hosting cruise ships that dock t the end of that long concrete peer, three times a week. The image of the fishing boats with the sunset as backdrop is one I will print as either a gum over palladium print, or a gum print. I'll know which way to go by the time I print the negative.

This print continues the direct I'll be taking with most of the upcoming prints, other than those I will be printing with gum, Kallitype print developed in sodium acetate and toned in palladium for eight minutes. The Poor Man's palladium.

Palladium toned Kallitype

"Malecon de Progreso" ~ 11"x14"

Progreso, Mexico

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