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"The Pub" ~ Gum over Palladium Print

The palladium printing is now shifted to a lower rung on the printing schedule, for now. I am currently juggling several projects, some related. As a shameless plug for my memoir, it is now all but finished listing and will be available on soon, as well as through any commercial bookstore. That project isn't related to this one, directly, the book that is connected directly to this print, and other gum prints like it is the fifth and final book in the "Alchemist's Guide;" series. It will have several gum and gum over palladium prints in the interior, on coated stock so the color images come out well.

I have scaled up my printing frame and materials to begin working with 11"x14" prints, like this one. This one being the first one out. I printed this image as a gum print first. I didn't like where it was going, which is my doing, trying out new techniques, brushing on the bum, some of which worked out nicely while other areas were a bust and of course not ready for prime time. Won't show that print before it gets destroyed, now that the finished print is finished.

The print began as a palladium print, with seven subsequent print layers of gum color(s), as only two of the runs were using overall coating. All other color applications were locally applied. For whatever reason, ultimately, I kept the overall realistic coloring and application, not straying from what I saw when I stepped through the door of this 16th century pub, still open from day one. With some electrical lighting now. Nothing else changed, and the ambience was a dimly lit interior with old earth tone walls. This is in Old Town St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest still existing town in America. I wanted to keep that mood and time period.

Gum over Palladium Print

"The Pub" ~ 11"x14" ~ Unique

St Augustine, Florida


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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