• Grant Handgis

"Alchemist's Guide; to Printing with Gum"

This has been a very long hiatus from the last post. My apologies for that. I have focused my energies towards finishing this fifth and final book in the "Alchemist's Guide;" series. A projet that has taken the better part of four years. I am particularly happy with this one, having put all the learned things over the years of publishing these books, in this one. I believe the flow of the material is cogent and a good way to address learning gum printing.

This is the second book in the series to be full color in the interior. The book on palladium printing is printed in full color to keep the fidelity of the print images intact. This is particularly important in this book, where printing with colors is in the title, and there are several gum and gum over palladium print images displayed, with explanations on how I arrived at each of them. Soon, I will return to printing the 11x14 gum over palladium prints. The images have already been selected and ready for making the negative. Soon. There is work on the hosue to be dealt with and considering my age I'm moving pretty swiftly.


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