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"Morning Ritual" ~ Gum over Palladium Print

I have been working on this print for some time now. So many thing getting in the way of that endeavor have slowed that process down considerably. For a number of reasons, I won't be renewing my website subscription after October's due date. I will, however, be continuing to blog on the same [blogspot] site I've been blogging on for the past five years. For those who have followed the postings on this site can continue to do so on my other blog;

This image was taken rather recently. The cat being our own Zoey, or Zoe Zoe as she was known by us. Her morning routine was to sit before the open front door, sitting peacefully, watching the world outside her own. The colors I used in the print image are mostly replicated from the actual colors of our living room, with exception to the floor tiles, which I lightened, using a pale green, instead of the darker brown of the real tiles.

My use of color, and application therein, continues to change from when I began printing almost five years ago. That would be expected. This print has nine print layers, using thirteen color mixtures. There are four layers of variations of blue on the doors, and in the shadows. There are three different variations of red also applied to shadows. There should be colors in shadows, not just gray or black. But that's just me.

Gum over Palladium Print ~ Unique

"Morning Ritual" ~ 8"x10"


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