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"Old Wagon Wheel" ~ Palladium toned Kallitype ~ Final Print

The shortening of the density range, or flattening the negative curve slightly, got the image where I had wanted, favoring the middle tones. The point of the image was the texture of the old wood showing up, more than the contrast between highlights and shadows. Palladium toning deepens blacks and deeper shadows, it open up the middle tones, lightening and separating tonal values, like the little flicks of black in dried wood, separating it from the highlights, adding contrast with the tonal separations. The toning also lightens and brightens highlights.

One issue I have come across from printing these larger prints, is the variations in print time caused by variations in the amount of solution on the print paper. I am finding a very different result between the test strips used to find print time, and the results of that print time on a coated full sheet. The ratios are slightly different, with the full print receiving a slight bit more solution for the area covered, than the test strips. Not that much though. This print image had four minutes less print time than the twelve minute test strip, yet, came out darker. Intuitively speaking, it would seem that more solution, deeper paper penetration, would require more print time to reach all the silver in the solution. This theory doesn't seem to be cooperating. That, then, demands some further testing, for that variation in outcomes.

This print was processed as the one before, with exception to print time, which was less. The first, more contrasty print image had a print time of ten minutes, as did the first copy of this image. This image had a print time of eight minutes, developed in sodium citrate then toned in Palladium for ten minutes. Palladium toner is a top down toner, working on highlights first, working down to the blacks over time. The citrate developed Kallitype is a warm toned image, the palladium toner cools the overall  image somewhat. If there is sufficient middle tones, the toning leaves them somewhat warm toned, although tonally responsive as the other areas.

Palladium toned Kallitype ~ Unique

"Old Wagon Wheel" ~ 11"x17"

Mesilla, New Mexico

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