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"Two Lilies" ~ Updated Print

It was worth the effort to continue to trek into new territories of printing experiences, learning to print white objects, with a bit of shadow. For me, that meant staying within the confines of zone 7 for all white areas, as deep as zone 3 for shadow, and zone 2 and below in the background. I believe I realized that, finally. Normally, it normally takes one, maybe two, well placed test strips to arrive at a correct print time. Basically, how much time to print the highlights to a textured level; zone 7. When the entire image is basically zone 7, things get trickier.

Same paper, same developer, same toning; different negative density range; flatter. I used Revere Platinum paper, developed in sodium acetate for the cool tones, toned with palladium. This is closer to the ideal print I had in mind. I am not finished with printing this image. This print will be unique, as are all my prints these days. I want the final print to be the image I know it can be.

Palladium toned Kallitype Print

"Two Lilies" ~ 11x17

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