Raymond keen ~ Author/Poet

March 11, 2015

from “Love Poems For Cannibals”

Repeat Performance


On Stage eating real shit,

Americans wait for applause.

Little cherubs with phlegm in their mouths

Barter for best seats in the house.

Is this a repeat performance

In the land of exaggeration?

Knowing sadism strikes one in three,

The audience giggles nervously.

Is what makes life worth living a lie?

Is what makes life worth living a lie?

Copyright 2012


I have introduced  Raymond Keen in an earlier post as a retired Psychologist and now published poet. More of his unique poetry demonstrates his uncanny ability to divine human nature through metaphor. His no holds barred approach to the poetic line gives the reader pause, for his poetic statements tend to grab the reader by the throat with lethal reality. So, enjoy, but cover your throat.



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