Print Pricing for Gum Prints

All my gum prints are unique, as well as being the rarest in photographic printmaking. Each gum over palladium print takes a week or more to make, and I only make one of any image. The Gum Dichromate prints take about two to four weeks to make, with one, taking six weeks to produce.  Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Gum over Palladium Portfolio

     The Gum over Palladium prints are divided into two portfolio; People and Scenes. People are self explanatory, with scenes describing both outdoor scenics as well as studies or views of things where the light can be captured. The portfolios are ongoing, as I continue to  make the prints. All of my gum images are unique, both pure gum dichromate images as well as gum over palladium prints. The gum process offers the printer the widest latitude of personal expression, referred to as the artist's "gesture" or "hand". It is this ability of making the image absolutely personalized that I only make one. Duplicating an image would not only be all but impossible by way of my printing methodology, but for me, undesirable to even try. For me, art should be unique and rare. I can say with full confidence that these prints satisfy both qualities.

~ Gum over Palladium ~ Portfolio of People ~

Adley on the Stump.jpg

Adley on the Stump ~ 8x10

The Photographer.jpg

The Photographer ~ 8x10

Tammy's Rose.jpg

Tammy's Rose ~ 8x10

The fiddlers.jpg

The Fiddlers ~ 8x10

Girl with Horse.jpg

Girl with Horse ~ 8x10

Girl with Flower.jpg
The Pub.jpg

Girl with Flower ~ 8x8

The Pub ~ 11"x14"


Discovery ~ 8x10

The Artist.jpg

The Artist ~ 8x10

Two Friends.jpg

Two Friends ~ 8x10

~ Gum over Palladium ~ Portfolio of Scenes ~

The Vicor's Window.jpg

The Vicor's Window ~ 8x10

The Portrait Stool.jpg

The Portrait Stool ~ 8x10

Jars in the Window.jpg

Jars in the Window ~ 8x10

Water Gourds.jpg

The Water Gourds ~ 8x10

Skinner's Cabin.jpg

Skinner's Cabin ~ 8x10

~ Gum Didhromate Portfolio ~

The Flute Player.jpg

The Flute Player ~ 8x10

~ Not For Sale ~

The Conductor Clr.jpg

The Conductor ~ 8x10

The Swing.jpg

The Swing ~ 8x10

The Old Jerome Hotel.jpg

The Old Jerome Hotel ~ 8x10

Sedona Mesas.jpg

Sedona Mesas ~ 8x10

g. Michael Handgis Photography


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