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"Pecan Orchard" ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

I decided to add one more layer of 2 1/2% Gelatin sizing to the Hahnemuhle paper that had the first coating on already. Feeling the paper indicated to me it was still too open for what I'm after. Thus more time before I will have the opportunity to get back to printing the pond scene as intended. I've committed to helping out a photography friend for a day or two, in exchange for help in a ceiling repair. Balances out nicely, although it does terrible things to printing time.

I had the opportunity to make another Kallitype print in the 11"x14" format. This image is one I have wanted to print for a number of years, I suppose because I took a liking to the image back then. What I wanted out of the image overall was the sense of quiet and solitude of the orchard at dusk. Interpreting that had to do with deciding on how much middle tones there would be, the grays and silvers, and how much black and semi-darkness. This is one of those images I confess I have no definite opinion on which is the superior one, or as Edward Weston said of any image is that it is "the strongest way of seeing". Some images I know exactly how they are to be interpreted and printed, some, like this one, I could tweak in different ways and all might be acceptable, just different. Those kind drive me nuts.

This print will be in a portfolio of Arizona Desert scenics that are forthcoming, although this image was shot in Mesilla, New Mexico. There are pecan orchards near where I live in the Sonoran Desert. This image is in the 11"x14" format, and horizontal. One of the first. I do shoot in horizontal format. Although most of these prints will be toned in Gold toner, using the Ag 1% with thiourea 1% (all at once toner), I will also likely be using two developers. I've been using the sodium acetate developer for the other recent Kallitype prints of the Slot Canyon series, for that rich black & white image. Some of the images I have in mind would do well as a warm toned image and for that I'll use the sodium citrate developer. If I do that, then I have two options for toning; gold toner for rich blacks or palladium toner to keep the middle tones warmer. If I do that then I will have a palladium print. The "poor man's palladium".

This print was developed in sodium acetate and toned in the 'all at once' gold toner, which I will say has become my toner of choice using gold. I like it so much better than the 5% gold toner formula. Much richer blacks and less bleaching.

Gold toned Kallitype ~ Unique

"Pecan Orchard" ~ 11x14

Mesilla, New Mexico


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