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"The Pub" ~ Printing Update

The print I had intended on printing for the next in line print of the Mexican series turns out to be one of those images that sits too comfortably on the line of tourist snap, a scene on the beach, which I may return to later on. I have another version without the couple at the palapa table. The print I did work on today had a basic flaw that I didn't come to more fully realize until after two prints were made. I inadvertently left out the final step in the negative preparation process; adding the adjustment <curve>.

That now resolved, I've reprinted the negative, going through the process making certain every step is completed. Tomorrow will see that image printed. Today I spent my time working on the gum print I began three weeks ago; "The Pub". This print begins a new series of gum prints in my new style of printing, leaving behind the more standard process of coating the entire print with a layer of color, layer after layer. That works but not where I want to go. I am layering the colors for each element in the setting, building it up over time layer after layer, each element a bit different than the rest.

What I am after with this technique is to better control the mood and setting of the scene, controlling the lighting and color arrangements each printing; I am doing these applications theoretically. That is mixing colors and applying them, sometimes over other colors. I can't actually see many of the colors, being mostly color blind to red/green. I do see the overall effect of the sum of the colors applied. That's the best i can do. Whether what I'm doing works is up to the viewer.

The print received two applied colors today, on the eleventh printing, using over twenty color mixtures. I expect the final application of colors will be put on tomorrow, which should complete the print. Of course there is a decent chance that upon inspecting the print long enough I will see where a bit more color might make it better. I'm learning to know when to stop applying colors, and call it finished, too.


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